Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GTA Online Freemode Events DLC Live!!!

The new DLC for GTA Online has been released and is live, while going through the world you can
toggle the events to trigger for you or not, so you can do your normal harassment of other players ;) and not be bothered by these new features, but from the sound of them they're going to be very fun to play in.  Penned In sounds exactly like Battle Royale in H1Z1!!! Check em out!

Penned In – A vehicular free-for-all to stay inside an ever-shrinking and always-moving dome. If you're caught outside the dome for more than a few seconds you'll blow up and be eliminated from the competition. 
Criminal Damage – Rack up the biggest property damage bill you can before time runs out. Equip your biggest weapons and go to town on anything and everything in sight. 
Hunt The Beast – Players team up to track and kill the beast – a randomly selected player with superior speed and extra health – before it can collect 10 checkpoints scattered around the world within the time limit. The beast is invisible on the mini-map save for whenever it collects a checkpoint, which will cause it to blip for 10 seconds (and increasing in duration with each checkpoint collected). 
Challenges - Longest jump; longest skydive; longest wheelie; most vehicles stolen; most near misses; lowest parachute deploy; longest bail from vehicle; furthest distance low flying; and more. 
Moving Target - A vehicle is blipped on the map, the first player to deliver it to the marked destination wins. 
Kill List - A vehicle is blipped on the map, once the requisite number of players enter they must take out as many waves of enemies as possible. 
Kill List Competitive - Same as above, but multiple vehicles are blipped and players compete against each other to rack up the most kills in the given time limit. 
Checkpoints - 120 checkpoints spawn in a quadrant of the map. Players compete to collect the most in the given time limit. This mode comes in two variants: land & sea checkpoints and air checkpoints. 
Time Trial - A persistent blip on the map where players can try to beat the Rockstar par time and world record on a route that changes weekly. 
Hold the Wheel - A target vehicle is blipped on the map for 5 minutes. Players compete to be the one in the vehicle when the timer expires. 
Hot Property - Players compete to control possession of a blipped briefcase. The longer you have it, the more points you earn. 
Dead Drop - A briefcase is blipped for players to collect and deliver to a location. Players compete for the chance to deliver the briefcase. 
King of the Castle -The first player to a blipped location becomes King, and gain points as long as they remain King. Players compete to kill and become the King.
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