My Background

I've been a self identified "geek" for over 25+ years.  I've always been a creative type person and as I child I would spend countless hours playing with Legos, using my "spin art" machine to make abstract "paintings" as well as read anything I could get my hands on that was fantasy and or sci-fi. Then I started playing D&D in '77 when I got my first box set for Christmas and was hooked.  Not long after asked for a computer for my birthday, and I received the TI 99-4a with tape storage back up, where I spent countless hours writing basic programs "for fun".  Then progressed to a apple II, apple IIc, and then a Macintosh Classic, Macintosh Performa 4800, and now I build all of my computers myself from the various parts.  I'm also a PC guy now and no longer a apple fan, though I still use apple products in my day to day profession as a QA Engineer.

As for video gaming, i've typically always been a pc gamer, and I never really had a console gaming system myself until the Wii came out now I own a 360 as well, still need to pick up a ps3. 

Prior to the "home video gaming revolution", I frequented the various Arcades and Connivence stores that tolerated a kid playing Donkey Kong, Tempest, and Frogger by exchanging pennies for quarters. Thankfully my brother was the one to receive all of the consoles of yore when were were kids starting with the Atari 2600, Intellivision, NES, Super NES, Sega Genisis, etc.  I got to enjoy all those great "retro" titles, like combat, adventure, Indiana Jones, Pit Fall, Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson's Punchout (BEFORE he became Mr. Dream), Duck Hunt, etc.,  You get the picture.

thanks for stopping by!

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