Monday, March 2, 2015

Video : Mis-Adventures In Hearthstone s01e01 - I Finally Win One With My Hunter Deck!

So i've been playing a bit of Hearthstone : Heroes Of Warcraft, essentially its Blizzard Entertainment attempt at Magic The Gathering, however its more MTG "Lite".  Don't get me wrong I love to sit down and play for 10 min and bust out my "dailies" in Hearthstone, a mechanic they carried over form World of Warcraft.   Just there is more overall complexity with MTG than their is with Hearthstone at this time.   

Its certainly lots of fun to play just like magic, and you get somewhat the same thrill of gathering and collecting cards as well as having the ability of "crafting" cards by "disenchanting" either multiple of cards you have or ones you dont wan to use which isn't something you can do with worthless common cards.  However there is no "trading" in Hearthstone.  So really the only thing you can do is disenchant for "dust" which then allows you to craft cards you might not have yet.

Its estimated that 20 million people enjoy the game and .5% of that playerbase has reached "Legendary" status (winning over 500 times in each character class).  There are both PC clients as well as apps for both android and ios!

So Here is one of my initial wins using my Hunter Class "Beasts" decks.  Feel free to comment in the video description.  While I pull out a win, I make a ton of mistakes along the way, and hey upon reviewing these mistakes its already made me a better player :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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