Monday, February 9, 2015

Video : H1Z1 s01e03 - Chipmunks Of Doom!

I've been playing H1Z1 and streaming on Twitch ( < click to follow me there for upcoming livestream of gaming!) This is the gameplay video from those sessions edited down with some added flair, hehe.

Here is episode Three!, "Chipmunks Of Doom!"  This game play was a bit long, so I sped up the footage, which turned into hilarious hi-pitched voices.

I started out at a spawn point after dying from a previous session, to which some idiot savant spawned next to me and of course tried to do a beat down.  After loosing "Mr. Special",  I was hold up waiting to meet up with a friend at an industrial complex.  A bit of confusion ensues on my part as what I assume is my friend running up on me ends up being another player, luckily he's a terrible shot and doesn't kill me at point blank range! (not even sure if he hits me).  Well after a bit of trying to actually save and work with other players my friend shows up and we're forced to kill the other players.  For once we go out on top!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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