Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Video : Warfish - A Great Game Of Risk ish !

Over the last year or so a friend introduced me to a great game site called Warfish.  They host a game called rosko which is essentially geek lovers classic game of Risk!  The unique thing about Warfish is that you can play games for free, on the starter map. However if you, or just one of your buddies, upgrade your account to a subscription plan then you can play on much more elaborate maps!   There are everything from Lord of the Rings stylized maps, to a Political Map of the United States, to a Salems  Lot themed map, all with their unique style of play.  Of course there are variants to the traditional "world" map galore, but there are tons of maps to choose from, so why not pick a unique one! (video after the jump)

The catch here is the subscription, and that the maps are for sale for $1 or $2 dollars, they do go higher but it better be a damn good map!  As far as I can tell the money for the maps goes to the map maker, minus a small transaction fee for warfish of course.  

For game play, you can also changed the rules a bit, cards, fog of war, etc., and depending on the map and how its created it can make for an awesome game of Risk. The best part is all the tedious things about risk are 

automated! Games can go by very quickly!  Another cool thing is if you choose to do so you can be alerted via email when its your turn to play, or in turn send some one a "nudge" when its their turn and its been hours and they've not played.

Now warfish does have issues. The site is frequently having issue with its servers and they are often down for maintenance, which isn't unheard of, it can just get anoying.  As of late things have gotten better.  However one example, one of my games for about 2 weeks and counting, it has been my turn, and I've been stalled completely, as the game thinks I'm still trying to trade cards, which I'm not. Support is pretty much nonexistent, and hasn't responded to my numerous emails.  Granted I don't have a paid account, yet. However offers to end the game early (I pretty much own NA and SA) have gone unanswered by my fellow players, and I even offered to surrender, still to no effect.  Oh well, one game in about 30 isn't too bad, just sucks cause I was WINNING! :D

Speaking of which a 6 month subscription is only $10, and you have the potential to make that back if you make a decent map and it becomes popular!  Technically as I mentioned you only need one person to have a subscription and they'd be the ones to always create a game, though as a non sub you can create rematches off the same fancy maps, but it would be with the same exact players and rules.

One of the cool things is that once a game is complete you can replay a movie of a game.  Here is a game that some friends and I just finished, I'm the Lime Green Color, and the map is of an amusement park.  The cards reset after the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc., exchange so getting a high number of "armies" is certainly needed to be planned for.  Also the boundaries on this map vary and they're a few key points like the walkway which garner a whooping 9 man advantage if you can control it! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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