Monday, June 4, 2012

Video : Diablo3 Farming Zoltun Kulle For 30/50k XP The EASY Way!

Zoltun Kulle after you're
finished with him ;)
So I've been playing Diablo3 since its release and a few friends showed me how to farm the boss Zoltun Kulle for 30k/50k a pop and advance in some levels quickly when solo'ing.  It's a good way to get xp if your friends aren't around or you just want to power level through after playing through normal mode and already know the story. I've done this in nightmare mode and get 30k a pop, friends say in Hell mode you get 50k a pop.  So I imagine it'll work in all modes and increase in XP Reward! Woot!  You also occasionally get some "ok" items that drop but nothing to write home about.  This is more or less just to power level a char when friends aren't around to group up with.

The video below shows you how to do the initial rinse/repeat of starting the run and getting the XP.  The one thing I happened to discover in my initially fighting is that if you immediately run opposite of Zoltun and stand in the little area where the energy floor appears after the fight,  he'll stay opposite you in the other floor area, along with his minions.  Then you can just toss some ranged attacks at him and he'll just sit and take it.  No running, no dying, etc.  

Occasionally you might get a whirl wind attack coming your way but as long as you can withstand a quick pass through the tornado will keep going on and away from you.  Check out my video below:

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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