Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Fans Video Of Yogscast "Antics" At Minecon

Here is a fans video of the signing session of the Yogscsast.  I'm really starting to get the feeling that this is whole story is a "troll" gone bad.  Only time will tell as we're still waiting for the Yogscast.com to get back to the UK and deliver their account of the situation.

This is also why if this is a "troll" its gotten way out of hand, from twitter:

Just heard from Simon and Lewis, they got back to Gatwick airport and were met by a crazed Notch supporter who repeatedly insulted them, IRL

 The Yogscast Crew 

the guys are currently travelling back to the UK, once they're back, give them 24 hours or so to create an official statement - MintyMinute

The Yogscast Crew
we're back in the UK and Simon is sleeping off a bad case of con-flu - we will respond tomorrow if feeling well... 
21 minutes ago via Facebook

 The Yogscast Crew 

we aren't stalling in any way, we merely want to draft a coherent response, instead of raging in a con-flu/jet lagged state - have patience!

Latest From Notch:

 Markus Persson 

I'm sorry about the ugly public airing of dirty laundry.

Latest From Hannah(11/23):

 The Yogscast Crew 
just woke up after about 14 hours sleep, horribly jetlagged, will try and record something about this tonight - Hannah

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