Saturday, October 8, 2011

Minecraft 1.9 PreRelease 3 Features Update + Videos

The guys over on the Yogscast, Simon and Lewis, put up more videos featuring all the changes in the 1.9 PreRelease 3 of Minecraft! 

Simon and Lewis have always made great and entertaining videos and these are no exception! 

Don't forget to head over to their website and subscribe to their youtube channel!

Here is the 1.9 PreRelease 3 Update files:Pre-Release 3 .jar File

and here are the updated features/bugs list and the videos below:
  • Pie-chart to F3 function.
  • Crystal Blocks
  • in Strongholds above a 3x3 pool of lava.(Fixing the broken blocks using Eye of Ender creates the Air Portal to the The Ender though this feature has not been fully implemented.))
  • New Mobs:
  • Baby Chicken
  • Baby Cow
  • Baby Mooshroom
  • Baby Pig
  • Baby Sheep
  • Enchanted Items appear to be glowing with power.
  • Exp Level Number above Exp Bar
  • Signs now join together when placed next to each other.
  • Access to Skylands (possible bug in terrain generation)
  • You can now drink Buckets of Milk and Glasses of Water, milk is now a cure that resets all potion effects when drunk.
  • When holding a potion or Golden Apple the hot bar becomes lighter and more transparent.
  • Item tooltips now have a purple border and the text for certain items (e.g. Golden Apple, Music Discs) is a different colour from that of other items.
  • Debug Features:
  • 1x1 glass pillars to spot Strongholds
  • Bug Fixes:
  • The large FPS lag on some PCs has been fixed.
  • Rolling mouse over item ID 119 crashes the client
  • Shearing a baby mooshroom turns it into an adult cow instead of a baby.
(this list compiled from minecraft wiki)
(Something I pulled from Jeb's Twitter Feed about potions!)

 Jens Bergensten In the prerelease, there are 161 brewable unique potions. Unless we change it, there will be 2,653 with all ingredients added.
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Oh My!

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