Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minecraft 1.9 PreRelease 2 Features Update + Videos

The guys over on the Yogscast, Simon and Lewis, put up more videos featuring all the changes in the 1.9 PreRelease 2 Minecraft! Simon and Lewis have always made great and entertaining videos and these are no exception! Don't forget to head over to their website and subscribe to their youtube channel

Here is the 1.9 PreRelease 2 Update files:

and here are the updated features and the videos below:

  • Nine new music discs (11 in total, one "broken")
  • Blaze powder
  • Magma cream
  • Glass bottle
  • Spider eye (dropped by spiders) and fermented spider eye
  • Hardcore mode: game over when you die, hearts have new icons
  • Golden apple now has a shining animation
  • Pressure plates on top of fence posts now make sound when you walk on them or next to them
  • Villagers have no names (No more TESTIFICATE)
  • Holding the spacebar allows you to jump continuously again
  • The enderman pearls now teleports you when thrown
  • Endermen teleport to dodge arrows. Endermen teleport out of water when they touch it. Endermen teleport a lot more
  • Item repair! Put two damaged items in the crafting grid (arrangement doesn't seem to matter)
  • F5 view cycling
  • Fences now attach to adjacent blocks, has an interesting outcome when used certain ways
  • Pumpkins can be “crafted” into 4 Pumpkin Seeds
  • Zombie Pigmen now randomly drop rotten flesh or gold bits instead of everytime
  • F8 cinematic mode is back
  • Feed passive mobs wheat to make them breed with each other
  • Passive mobs follow you when wheat is selected

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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