Thursday, June 18, 2015

GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Now Available

I need to jump back into GTA5 : Online ASAP! Looks like last week Rockstar Games released the Ill-Gotten Gains free update! Woot! Now you can spend all those phat stacks for only the finest things in online life ;) Check out this excerpt:
To the victor go the spoils - and for those whose Online Heists profits are burning a raging hole in their pockets, get ready to properly ball out and become the envy of all your Snapmatic followers by flaunting your hard-earned gull-wing doored supercars, ostentatious designer vehicle wraps, solid gold aircraft and so much more.
The indicated it was released for all five platforms at the same time, so go and get your Ill-Gotten Gains! Woot!

(click here to read the details at rockstar games)

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