Monday, November 5, 2012

Video - George Lucas On The Lucasfilm Disney Buyout!

 George in the depths of a wretched
 hive of scum and villainy
Over at's youtube channel, they released a three minute video of George's take on why this is a good thing for Lucasfilm, *cough* Sorry just had a tickle in my throat, its was as if a million 70's era kids just felt their childhood *shat* *trampled* upon, *cough*.   Here  is the video clip:

So as Lucas is stepping down/retiring, a Mrs Kathleen Kennedy takes the helm. George  goes on to say "When I first made Star Wars everyone in Hollywood said that this is a movie Disney should have made." 

But George, I'm sure your younger-self , purer, albeit much poorer self, would have scoff'd at that idea. Was't that idea, to hell with Hollywood, and its perception and methodology of making films that you as well as the cadre of young new film makers back in the day strove for, to essentially "prove them wrong".  Not sure if this is wisdom or a brain vessel pop'n...

George goes on to say "Well, I said I'd never do any more Star Wars Films, BUT that doesn't mean I wouldn't let others do it!" Kathleen says "We're ABSOLUTELY making more Star Wars Movies". Kathleen goes on to say that its important to "protect" these characters, which I read as we'll be lawsuit crazy if you anger the Disney entity and send cease and desists on anything vaguely star wars-ish. DIY, Golden "Leia" Bikini, DENIED!  I hear there are lots of European and Asian people served with papers to stop using the name Han! (just kidding)

Kathleen earlier indicated that  "Disney defines Family Entertainment." Or put another way, what ever brainwashed version of what Disney is promoting these days as "Family Entertainment."  I mean it seems they've had issues with what "family friendly" is since Disney's inception, but for a more recent view just look at the tripe that is on the Disney /ABC Channels. This "entertainment" is pitched to their demographic on a daily basis, a demo which they created called the "tweens". It should never had been one.  I curse Disney and Nickelodeon for "tweens". 

I'm not hopeful of the future of the Star Wars brand, perhaps they will leave Lucasfilm alone like they've done with Pixar, but I doubt it.  There is to much cash to be made from the public masses.  As an example, the last few Pixar films have been "meh", Brave? It was visual eye candy only, the story was pretty much Finding Nemo for tween girls.  

So be prepared to get your jedi robes all in a bunch as we're going to be seeing Episodes 7-9, 10-12, 13-15... coming to a theater soon, then on dvd, then on blue-ray, then on dvd/blue-ray box set, and whatever media format we have by them. I can't wait to see Grand Dad Skywalker talking about how in the old days you had to stack rocks, run around with little green dudes on your back, and lift x-wings out of swamps to get your force cred. Ug.

Makes me want to go check out a Star Trek Convention! (kidding!!)

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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