Monday, October 1, 2012

Video : MisAdventures In DayZ - Firefight Of The Stooges!

This is a short set of clips from a couple of gaming sessions with my buddies where we're getting our asses handed to us, mostly, mostly...  The third snippet of video is interesting in that we were hold up in a general store, its night out, so everything is pitch black where you almost can't see anything.

About 20 min earlier, and which I didn't get on video, I was at the back of the store and found a revolver, which I already had.  So I called out to my one friend to come and pick it up.  He thought I was out side of the store and ran out of the front door and into two dudes with long rifles that were heading into the store.  Needless to say a "pop, pop" later and he was dead.  My other friend and I logged out ASAP.  

30 min later we decided to log back in, we didn't go to another server to move around and then log back into the original server or anything like that, we were just going to log back in on the same server and figured the two dudes were gone by now.  Granted, we're always at the shopping center for about an hour ourselves, but hey, it was night out maybe we can get the drop on the guys if they are still there...
(NSFW : Language)

This is where the 3rd snippet starts.  So I made it in, no one around. Cool.  I then move to behind the counter and glanced in the back room, empty. Sweet!  My one friend decided that he'll come back on too, and at this moment I see some crawler zombie make its way in, I start to switch to my axe, unfortunately it wasn't a crawler zombie and was indeed one of the guys from the previous encounter! He then peeks around the shelves and starts flinging bullets at me, all the while my friend is trying to login, who's in front of me, and is subject to latency gawds to see if he's going to make it in or not.   Seconds later we're both dead and he never made it past the loading screen!

So the take away here is that when logging out as soon as you hit abort you're out of the game, when logging in you're vunerable for 5-10 seconds before you're in the game, so beware! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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