Friday, April 13, 2012

Video: A Show - With Ze Frank! He's Back! YES!

Happy Fabuloso Friday Everyone!  What a Friday it is! I fondly remember "the show - with ze frank" from 2006 and was always amazed  the magic he did on a daily basis.  Ze was entraining, informative, and brought a little joy to your day even when he was having a bad day.  When "the show" concluded, Ze said he'd do it for one year and one year only, it was on a high note, and even though most were thankful for the daily entertainment, a lot more wanted Ze to continue and do more and more of "the show".  

But alas Ze went off to do other things, and didn't look back.  

That is until now!  I might be a bit late to the party but according to the kickstarter,  you can find here (video below):

Ze was able to raise an astounding $146,752, (he was only looking for 50k) in funding and has created a sequel to "the show" called........

A Show - with Ze Frank

This show is according to Ze will be "Same but different".  The plan is to do three episode a week and to launch in March.  What you say its past March?  Why then there should be some new shows!!  Check em out below to see the first two videos!  The first is an intro to what, where, and why, and the second is the good ole "the show" show with Ze, funny banter, quick edits, art, and other great stuff!

Glad to have ya back Ze.  Good Times, Good Times!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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