Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video - A New Game Called Towns !

So while perusing the yogscast channel I saw that one of the periphery members "Sips" has create a new channel and has been putting up play videos of a few games he's been playing.  One of these games is a game called "Towns".  It's a cross between a rts, the sims, a rpg and has some similarities even to minecraft. Its very much a sandbox game.  It's a lot of fun!!!

Check out the video below.  (NSFW: Language)

I'm not sure if there is a multiplayer component yet, and like minecraft its in its early stages so there are game crashes and other issues.  You can download the demo here:  


You can also preorder the game for (at the time) $13.51, as when its released the game is said to retail for $20 or so.  

The basics of the game is resource collecting, as well as building a "Town" where you villagers will live and work.  Like the sims you're in a isomeric "god like" view, and you then dictate your villagers to do your bidding.  Unlike other games, which are usually pretty forgiving with their gameplay, Towns is pretty unforgiving and you have to watch your villagers and make sure they have enough food, shelter, and protection otherwise the 11 people you start with will soon turn into corpses with stink clouds around them.  Especially if they wander off and die at the hands of the dreaded "FROG" mob! Though to be honest most of my villages died of starvation.  

Once you get the basics down you can construct more elaborate buildings, mine and create underground caverns and other such cool things for your villagers.

Here is a second video play through video from Sips(NSFW Language):

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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