Friday, November 25, 2011

Yogscast & Notch Make Up! - Well Maybe, Maybe Not.

So over on twitter and reddit things appear to be looking good for a "Minecraft MineCon Makeup" between the Yogscast and Notch.  Here is the twitter thread:

 Markus Persson 
It's likely the entire Yogscast scenario is just stress related misunderstanding. I apologize for bringing it online before talking to them.

 Markus Persson 
Hey, ! I'm sorry about being a dick.

but then(note the retweet by carl manneh):

 The Mojang Team 
We found it hard working with Yogscast, but we regret that this was aired publicly. We will now sort this out with them directly.
Retweeted by 

which the yogscast responded in kind:

 The Yogscast Crew 
  thanks for reaching out, we are looking forward to talking after Thanksgiving

and then followed by:

 Carl Manneh 
  thanks guys, have a splendid weekend

So who knows if they actually will make up, if anything it might be a easy "truce" or public "cease fire".  Also I wonder if the poison pill/info was given to Notch by Carl since he's the managing director.  Maybe he's not the best at being "CEO".  I know when Minecraft Chick intro'd him on stage and during the "history" bit she Notch asked Carl who'd make a good CEO and he said "I would!", perhaps a presumptuous? Maybe.  Was he the one who was in charge of making sure things went smoothly at Minecon? As CEO, I'd say somewhat, as he certainly was the one to task someone with getting things organized.

Like I mentioned in a few previous posts it sounds like whomever was in charge of setting up a "convention" for minecraft dropped the ball in a few key areas and this is the actual result of causing the issues between the two camps, as the talent that was brought in should have been paid, comp'd room, etc. and certainly included on the rights to any streaming of their content.  Which would land blame solely in Mojang's camp.  Also as far as I can tell yogscast even if they weren't paid properly and had to wrestle for the rights to get their content posted on their site acted in the positive toward the fans.  I've not seen any negative video of them behaving badly at minecon, only reports from a few, perhaps disgruntled, fans who by all accounts only reported some bad behavior by some minor staff of yogscast not directly from Simon, Lewis, or Hannah, or Tinman.

Only time will tell if they do makeup and "work with" each other again, but i'm not holding my breath.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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