Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scrolls - Yogscast Interview and Demo Videos + Bonus

Here is the video interview with "Scrolls" developer and Mojang Co-Founder Jahkob.  They get into some of the nitty gritty of the game and its various delivery systems of how you might be getting more scrolls to play with.  

It sounds very interesting and certainly a possible challenger to Magic The Gathering, which I really like to play, but frankly i'm sick of the "collectible aspect" of these games.  One nice thing about Scrolls is that you'll be able to "grind out" for new packs of cards so after the initial payment you'll be able to remain competitive without spending more, and unlike the rash of online "free" games now with micro transactions you won't have to shell out real cash for "in game currency" unless you really want to upgrade faster.

They also touch on various other subjects in part two such as the lawsuit on the name scrolls with Bethesda, hotubs, saunas, and drinkings! Here are the interviews:

Here is the demo video again from MineCon:

BONUS: Yogscast Cobalt Gameplay

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