Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minecraft 1.9 LEAKED - (Pre-Release) And Minecraft 1.10 Updates!

What! What! What!  Tis a great Thursday this is!  Looks like "someone" again leaked the next update for Minecraft and a 1.10 update! WOOT! Updated features after the jump!

Markus Persson 
We'll do a 1.9 pre-release today, and a full release after feedback. More Adventure Mode content will come in 1.10, we're splitting it up!

Jens Bergensten
Minecraft Beta 1.9 prerelease can be found here,  (server jar also available)

So click on the link above to download the new minecart.jar file to include in your dir tree and enjoy playing the new update which includes some of the following updates:

Listing of new features in the 1.9 prerelease:(thanks to user  BRickAstley on reddit )

Nether specific:
  • Nether blocks: Nether brick, Nether Fence, Nether Stairs
  • Nether brick is flammable, it will stay on fire regular than a regular stone block but not indefinitely like Netherrack. Nether fences cannot be lit on fire.
  • Nether Terrain Features: Strongholds & bridges of Nether brick (can be MASSIVE complexes)
  • Blazeman- Nether mob, A sort of Fire Elemental that comes from spawners and shoots fireballs
  • Magma Cube- Nether mob, look like a slime but upon jump they uncoil like a spring. They also will split apart into smaller versions of themselves when hit like slimes.
  • Nether items: Blaze Rod (dropped by new mob), Nether Wart (new crop) , Ghast Tear, Gold Nuggets (dropped by zombie pigmen)(put 9 of them together to craft into a gold bar)
  • Farm-able Nether crop (Nether Warts), only plantable on soul sand.
  • Ghast fireballs do not damage new Nether materials.
  • Other than the gold nuggets, no uses for other new Nether items are known yet.
NPC Related:
  • NPCs in villages, one main model with different colors for different "jobs." Pics here:
  • NPCs will not react to attacks on other NPCs
  • Hostile mobs will not go after NPCs, but can kill them while coming after you.
  • NPCs do not have any specific purpose of actions yet, they kinda just walk around.
  • NPCs will only appear in towns newly generated in 1.9; if you have villages generated in any stage of 1.8 there will be no NPCs
Other features:
  • Swamps: darker colored water and lily pads
  • The shade of the water seems to depend on the biome the water is located in: If you pour "swamp water" into a non-swamp biome, you get normal-shade water. If said water flows from a non-swamp biome into a swamp biome, it changes colour at the biome border.
  • Red flowers and Snow Biomes are back!
  • Mushroom Biome! purple tinted grass and large mushrooms growing.
  • "Mooshroom" cows appear in Mushroom biome, can be sheared to get mushrooms and then turn into regular cows
  • Snow "Golem"- can be crafted by placing two snow blocks vertically on the ground, and then placing a pumpkin head on top of them. NOTE: They are crafted by block placement not a crafting square!
  • Rain is re-textured.
  • Water and Lava leak through adjacent blocks.
  • Chests now make no sound at all.
  • Holding space no longer allows sustained jumping; must tap jump key for each jump.
  • When flowing lava falls on top of water, smoothstone is created. When flowing water hits flowing lava, cobblestone is created
Bug Related:
  • FIXED- Stair lighting issues Except with smoothstone stairs
  • Experience bar changes every time the player jumps (Jeb tweeted that it's not a bug, it "is to test SMP exp orbs... ;)"
  • Swamp water and regular water appearing side by side for bad visuals. (left side)
  • Reports of a lot of players having major FPS problems. Lag spikes of death are not yet defeated :(
  • Bow sometimes has extra-long melee range?
  • Swamp Grass blocks have improper grass coloring on their sides.
  • Shearing "Mooshroom" cows gives the "getting wood" achievement
  • Shift clicking items when you craft doesn't get tracked in your stats properly
  • Preexisting light sources (lave, flaming netherrack, etc) might not give off light properly.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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