Wednesday, October 20, 2010

*squeal* Dragon's Lair Trilogy For The Wii!

Wow this takes me back to when I was like a kid.  There was a an old "convenience store" called Puff n Stuff located in a not so nice neighborhood and it did sell food, candy, and other "goodies" that catered to a certain type of customer, but it also contained the sole Donkey Kong machine.  I used to play religiously until either I had to go home for fear of my mother calling down to my friends house where I was supposed to be, or until all my pennies I traded in for quarters from my piggy bank was empty, I then would be back at it as soon as I got my allowance.  

So it was no surprise any chance I got I used to go to Showbiz Pizza that opened
up in town out near the mall.  Showbiz Pizza for those who don't know was similar to the Chuck E. Cheese's franchise just instead of a big mouse they had a hillbilly bear called Billy Bob.  Long story short in 1984 Chuck E. Cheese's went belly up in Chapter 11 and Showbiz swooped in and bought up the assets.  Later through some business decisions a "unification of the brand" was decided and Chuck E Cheese's were to be the norm and the Showbiz Pizza Stores to go by the wayside.  What made both of these franchises did extremely well as they were mostly ALL arcade game with some skeeball on the side, a far cry from the ticket infused carny games and "press your luck" fair that are the staples of the franchise of the present.

So in 1983 when Dragons Lair came out it was Showbiz that had the first and only machine, to my knowledge in my area.  So I constantly begged to go to showbiz, would ask to get dropped off by friends, grandparents, uncles, etc. (Surprisingly sometimes I would too, then again I was 13!)  There was a line to play the game and they even had a viewing area roped off.  Eventually they even figured out a way to hook up another monitor and put it above the cabinet to further allow people to watch the game play.  So I would spend hours getting the patterns down and allowing me to over time further "Dirk" toward saving the princess.  So as you can tell I've always been enamored with this game.  Simplistic as it was it was a far cry from the games of the day with its animation style intead of blips of color that most games like Donkey Kong, Popeye, and Joust had.  (not that those games are bad I love em all!)  As with most things however time faded and it wasn't a hot property anymore, and then Space Ace came out!  While also good, the flicker had faded on the novelty of the game and I was on to spending my hard earned quarter on other things (mostly dnd!)  But I still liked to play the game now and again in both forms.

So I was happy to find a copy of the game Dragon's Lair coupled with one of my early cd-roms for the mac as well as again coupled with a early dvd player.  However, both of which, seemed to suffer from "lag" of the drives themselves. and the controls were quite right. I mean hitting the keyboard arrow keys was essentially the same as hitting the big ass joystick to the right or left, but it wasn't the same.

So I see that a Dragon's Lair Trilogy is now available for the Wii.  Its 29.99 for all three games, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Dragons Lair 2.  I actually excited thinking about playing it with a Wii remote as they remind me of the old arcade joystick when held upright.  I'm also excited to see how my nieces react to the game.  When I'm home on vacation I tend to spend all my time with them playing board games or nintento games.  Last time I was home my one niece Bree and I played through the entire game of Zack and Wiki and loved every minute of it trying to figure out the puzzles.  They're also big lego Indy and Starwars fans!

So its on my wishlist for now, and if I've not picked up by the time I go home for vacation, then I'll certainly pick it up when I'm there.  Then the girls and I will certainly have a great time saving the princess, as it is with all good fairy tales!

ps: Did you know there was even a saturday morning cartoon based on the Dragon's Liar Video Game!?  It was short lived.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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