Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Redshirt v. Stormtrooper Paradox - Your Mind Has Been Blown!

A dead "redshirt", Lt. Leslie (Eddie...Edward O'Conner postulated the Redshirt vs Stormtrooper Paradox that would occur if the two geek universes were to collide in a chance meeting between an away party of Redshirts from Star Trek and a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers.
Taking into consideration the nature of Redshirts in Star Trek(minor characters who usually die quickly after being introduced), the pseudo-philosophical question of "What would happen if Imperial Stormtroopers and Redshirts got in a firefight?" is well-known among fans of both series. It’s a paradox, because even though it’s a redshirt’s destiny to die quickly at the hands of the enemy, Stormtroopers simply wouldn’t be able to kill them due to their poor combat skills.

Let that sink into your grey matter for a second or two.  The stormtroopers would open fire with their blasters but not hit anything, and yet the redshirts would certainly die.  Wait, um, huh, what? *explosion*

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