Saturday, October 30, 2010

Playing Minecraft Halloween Update LIVE

I'm going to be playing the halloween minecraft update in a min or two here and will be broadcasting it live via!  You can watch the feed in the widget below.  Also there is a permanent widget in the right column as well.  (think I'm going with vs ustream! quit using because their "desktop" app from dyyno expired which they don't tell you until AFTER you install, complete BS, then dyyno wants $199, oh but you get a discount for $49, ooo geeze, thanks! I switched to livestreem..., ugh! quit livestream! they would auto play commercials on my page super frick'n loud so f'that! I'm back to ustream which seems is the easiest and most FREE way to decent screencasts along with other media streaming already integrated.  
This is so f'lip'n stupid.  Ended up and pony'd up the $50 bucks because ustream connection and quality sucked ass.  So I'm back to and have purchsed the stupid dyyno application (what a rip)  So lets try that again shall we!) 


this is my default world not the world that I'm using to show you how to do stuff in minecraft so that's why it looks a bit different!

Watch live video from Playing Video Games Live on

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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