Sunday, June 21, 2009

How now Brown cow? (Did I just call Alton Brown a cow?)

Looks like Alton Brown is going to be coming out with a new book in Oct. Its called "Good Eats the Early Years" and is touted as a trilliogy, so two other books to follow at least. The description indicates that its going to be a tome of the Good Eats Episodes 1-80, and will contain illustrations in the Alton brown style, science facts, and recipies from those episodes updated with the knowledge he's learned since then. I'm looking forward to picking this book up as this is the perfect thing to have instead of having to go back and find those episodes just so I can jot a particular recipie down. Now I'll have it all in one nice location.

Here is a video with Alton talking about the book and a link to pre-order on amazon:



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