Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lego Star Wars Codes for the Wii

Picked up the Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga yesterday at Best Buy. Pretty fun game so far, only have played a few of the chapters in story mode and free for all mode.

In the cantina there is an area for entering in codes to get "things", which could be items characters, hints, etc. In the manual it states that you won't find them in the game but will have to search for them elsewhere. So with a bit of google'n I found a few codes.

Some of the codes are for the xbox or playstation previous versions of the games but the sites I culled this info from didn't explicitly state that they would or would not work for the wii version. Also the codes dont mess with achievements, you still have to purchase the character from the cantina after it is unlocked. The codes just makes them available to purchase. I've included the "store exclusive" codes as well.

So with out further ado here is a start of the codes for Lego Star Wars The complete Saga:

Exclusive Store Codes
EVILR2 = r2-q5 droid (game stop exclusive code)
CLZ738 = Force Grapple Leap (game stop exclusive code)
HUT845 = Imperial Shuttle (toy r us exclusive code)
PMN576 = General Grevious (toy r us exclusive code)
HHY697 = Boss Nass (target exclusive code)
INT729 = Tie Interceptor (target exclusive code)
QRN714 = Captain Tarpals (best buy exclusive code)
AAB123 = Droid Tri-Fighter (best buy exclusive code)
GIJ989 - IG-88 (fry's electronics exclusive code)
BRJ437 - Disguise (fry's electronics exclusive code)

(Previous game codes. Unconfirmed if working for the Wii)
987UYR = Battle Droid
EN11K5 = Battle Droid (Commander)
LK42U6 = Battle Droid (Geonosis)
KF999A = Battle Droid (Security)
LA811Y = Boba Fett
F8B4L6 = Clone
ER33JN = Clone (Episode III)
BHU72T = Clone (Episode III Pilot)
N3T6P8 = Clone (Episode III Swamp)
RS6E25 = Clone (Episode III Walker)
14PGMN = Count Dooku
H35TUX = Darth Maul
A32CAM = Darth Sidious
VR832U = Disguised Clone
DH382U = Droideka
SF321Y = General Grievous
19D7NB = Geonosian
ZTY392 = Grievous' Bodyguard
U63B2A = Gonk Droid
PL47NH = Jango Fett
DP55MV = Ki-Adi Hundi
CBR954 = Kit Fisto
A725X4 = Luminara
MS952L = Mace Windu (Episode III)
92UJ7D = Padme
R840JU = PK Droid
BEQ82H = Princess Leia
L54YUK = Rebel Trooper
PP43JX = Royal Guard
EUW862 = Shaak Ti
XZNR21 = Super Battle Droid

CYG336 Rebel Pilot
EKU849 Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
GBU888 Skiff Guard
NYU989 Snow Trooper
NNZ316 TIE Fighter Pilot
QYA828 TIE Interceptor
HDY739 TIE Fighter
NAH118 Greedo available for purchase
PEJ821 Tusken Raider available for purchase
JAW499 Jawa available for purchase
YDV451 Sandtrooper available for purchase
SGE549 Palace Guard
UUB319 Lobot
CVT125 Imperial Spy
PTR345 Stormtrooper
HHY382 The Emporer
UGN694 Ugnaught
VAP664 Imperial Shuttle Pilot
MMM111 Imperial Guard
BBV889 Imperial Officer
NXL973 IG-88
YWM840 Han Solo w/hood
SMG219 Grand Moff Tarkin
NFX582 Gonk Droid
YZF999 Gammorean Guard
TTT289 Ewok
BNC332 Death Star Trooper
HLP221 Boba Fett
WTY721 Bib Fortuna
VHY832 Bespin Guard
BEN917 Ben Kenobi's Ghost
UCK868 Beach Trooper
NYU989 Snow Trooper
DRX728 Be able to buy the self destruct cheat
CL4U5H Unlocks Santa hat and clothes
TYH319 White Beard
NBP398 Unlock Disguise 2

QYA828 - TIE Interceptor
HDY739 - TIE Fighter
NXL973 - IG 88
BEN917 - Ben Kenobi (Ghost)
NFX582 - Gonk Droid
HHY382 - The Emperor
MMM111 - Imperial Guard
TTT289 - Ewok
HLP221 - Boba Fett
GBU888 - Skiff Guard
SGE549 - Palace Guard
WTY721 - Bib Fortuna
YZF999 - Gamorrean Guard
VHY832 - Bespin Guard
UGN694 - Ugnaught
UUB319 - Lobot
NYU989 - Snow Trooper
CYG336 - Rebel Pilot
EKU849 - Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
YWM840 - Han Solo (Hood)
SMG219 - Grand Moff Tarkin
BBV889 - Imperial Officer
NNZ316 - TIE Fighter Pilot
BNC332 - Death Star Trooper
UCK868 - Beach Trooper
CVT125 - Imperial Spy
PEJ821 - Tuskan Raider
YDV451 - Sand Trooper
JAW499 - Jawa
NAH118 - Greedo
VAP664 - Imperial Shuttle Pilot

If you know of any others please feel free to post them here in the comments section or email them to me. Either way I'll update the post with any that I can confirm.


  1. i also googled to find some codes and here are the ones that are wii specific (as far as i know) which i found and you don't have listed...

    Boba Fett - LA811Y
    Darth Maul - H35TUX
    Darth Sidious - A32CAM
    Jango Fett - KLJ897
    Sandtrooper - CBR954
    Super Battle Droid - XZNR21
    Vulture Droid - BDC866
    Stormtrooper – NBN431
    Greedo – ZZR636
    Count Dooku – DDD748
    Zam Wesell – 584HJF
    Watto – PLL967
    Zam’s Speeder – UUU875
    Ewok – EWK785
    Tiefighter – DBH897
    Invincibility – 4PR28U
    Minikit detector – LD116B

  2. Your code QYA828 that you put for the Droid Tie Fighter under (Previous Codes from game consoles other than the Wii) Does not work.
    Please take it off the selection.

  3. why do all these codes dont work for my wii?

  4. All of the codes under the "store codes" may or may not work with the Wii version of Star Wars, I've not sat down and tried them all. All of those codes were the ones found on the web in various places and are a mix of xbox, playstation and possibly wii codes that may or may not work. The store codes should be for the wii and should work however. All the remaining codes could be for the xbox or playstation versions, I have both an xbox and a wii so the codes (if I needed them) are valuable to me. If you find a code that doesn't work for a particular console then please let me know which ones and for what console they do not work. At some point I'll designate which codes we've discovered work with which console.



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