Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My First Earthquake: 5.6

Last night sitting home, on my computer I was putting out some fake fires in the town of Brill for a "halloween in game event" for the MMORPG called World of Warcraft, when things around me started to shake and the floor started vibrating.

At first I didn't know what was going on, thought it might be a large truck driving by, but then I realized it was an earthquake, and then I smiled. I actually got excited at the thought that this was my first earthquake. The second it was over I went to the USGS earthquake site and did a look up, and turned on the tv behind me to listen to some of the local news feeds:

Only today, as I write this, do I somewhat become concerned and no longer as excited. 5.6 wasn't all that big of a quake but enough of one to get me thinking about if a larger one had happened and what would I have done. At minimum I think I'm going to purchase a nice bright backpack, or similar device, large enough to create a emergency relief kit. I have many items on most list already just not all in one place which I would have had to run around the apartment to collect. I want to get this completed by Dec 1.

If you too would like to construct a similar emergency kit, here is a good starting point. By no means is this a comprehensive list:

Jump kits (Go bags).
You put 'em by the door for when you have to rock'n'roll.

Discussion at Real Emergency Preparedness and Tips for an Apocalypse.

First aid kit:

* In a waist pouch or day pack:
o one flashlight (electric torch) with batteries
o spare batteries
o one pair trauma shears (EMT shears/pennycutters)
o two pairs nitrile exam gloves
o one biohazard waste bag (any sturdy, sealable plastic bag
will do)
o one SAM splint (Structural Aluminum Malleable)
o two triangular bandages
o four 4"x4" gauze pads (lint/surgical sponges)
o two rolls 4" gauze (roller bandage/cling)
o ten adhesive bandages (sticking plasters)
(Elastoplast/Band-aid type)
o one roll 1/2" medical adhesive tape
o two 5"x9" abdominal pads
o one pocket face mask (keychain-style CPR mask)
o one bottle 81 mg chewable aspirin
o two 6" elastic bandages (Ace bandages)
o six safety pins
o six alcohol prep pads
o six povodine iodine prep pads
o one space blanket
o one pen
o one notebook
o inventory list

Wilderness rescue bag

(Along with what's in your hiking backpack)

* In a stuff sack:
o headlamp-style flashlight (electric torch)
o 100 feet (30 meters) parachute cord
o one tin cup with handle
o two plumber's candles
o two packages Jell-O (kind with sugar and a non red flavor)
o one wool hat (watch cap/toque)
o two pairs wool socks
o one compass
o three square feet heavy-duty aluminum foil
o one whistle
o two disposable butane lighters
o one pack waterproof matches (lifeboat matches)
o two large plastic trash bags (Contractor bags)
o one poncho
o inventory list

Urban bag

(Along with what's in your pockets)

* In a waist pouch:
o one AA flashlight (electric torch)
o one AA transistor radio
o one spare pack of AA batteries
o one pack moleskin (thick adhesive-backed cotton felt used
to protect against blisters)
o anti-chafing ointment
o one small sharp curved scissors (iris scissors or cuticle
o one space blanket
o one disposable poncho
o 250 mL of water
o one whistle
o $100 in ten-dollar bills (enough for two nights in a
cheap motel or an inter-state bus/train ticket)
o $10 in quarters (most common coin for vending machines,
toll booths, and pay phones)
o two disposable butane lighters
o one pack waterproof matches (lifeboat matches)
o one pre-paid phone card
o lists of phone numbers
o one pen
o one notepad
o inventory list
o consider: regional map
o consider: laminated photocopies of important documents
(e.g. marriage license, birth certificate, social security card, first
page of passport)

Evacuation/deployment bag

(Along with what's on your back)

* In a backpack:
o one or more changes of clothing (including shoes),
underwear, socks
o toiletries and hygiene supplies
o outerwear, as appropriate to the climate and the season
o medications (prescription and over-the-counter)
o snacks
o reading material, deck of cards, or other entertainment
o pen
o notepad
o inventory list


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